What made me want to become a personal trainer?

Having spent most of my worklife in an office, whenever I needed a form of stress release or more energy I turned to fitness. I would train regularly near work in parks, the gym and open spaces, before long I was helping other work colleagues reach their fitness goals alongside mine as they would join me to train and ask me for advice.

I became highly interested in nutritional health, life hacks, new ways of training, motivational methods, mental health and how to lead a balanced lifestyle. My passion was not only in learning but in passing this knowledge on to my peers. I spent time reading, attending seminars and working with personal trainers and life coaches to build my knowledge.

I decided to turn my passion for health, fitness and helping others into a career. I want to share my knowledge to give other people the confidence to train effectively and build lifelong habits.

What do I enjoy?

I’ve spent years playing racket sports, jogging, cycling and martial arts. To counter all of this I’ve always used pilates and yoga to help build a strong core and solid functional fitness base to prevent injury and aid me with increasing my overall muscle strength.

I’ve always been a bit of an adrenaline junky; I love skiing, paintballing, skydiving, tough mudder and boxing. I’m really passionate about boxing because of the diversity and intensity of the exercises as well as how it trains the mind and body’s motor skills. On top of this hitting a punch bag is an amazing way to relieve the stresses of the day and help clear the mind.

What is your training style?

I like to work as many muscle groups as possible whilst increasing fitness endurance. I achieve this using a combination of boxfit, plyometrics, calisthenics, compound exercises and HIIT.

I believe if you are training, it should be for a purpose. Most of my clients want to improve in the sports they enjoy, or improve their general health; whatever the case is a strong core will help to prevent injury (prehab) and support you and your fitness goals. We can then really drill down to what those goals are and build a workout plan with you at the core of it. The only thing left to do after that is for us to work towards those goals together..

Success Story

Starting off in bad shape and with low confidence Dave's been instrumental in boosting my confidence and bringing me to a point where I look and feel great.

Before I found it hard to stick to routines or have much fun with my workouts but thanks to Dave that's all changed, the enthusiasm and knowledge he brings to the gym is fantastic.

Aside from the all the physical work that Dave has helped with he's also given me great advice on my diet and I am seeing major benefits because of this. I couldn't recommend Dave enough!

Jon, Watford


Diploma Award in Sports Conditioning for racket sports

Level 2 Certificate In Fitness Gym Instruction

Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training

Award in Fitness Professional Business Skills

Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness

Award in Group Indoor Cycling

Award in Circuit Instruction

Diploma in Exercise Referral

First Aid Trained

2018 REPs, CIMSPA, and ACSM. YMCAfit

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North London & Hertfordshire

We are based in Elstree & Borehamwood, we operate in local parks, do home visits and own a bespoke personal training private gym.

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