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We offer personalised training programmes to get the results you desire in our bespoke fully equipped personal training studio gym

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Our experienced personal trainers will listen to your goals and aspirations before conducting a full assessment of your current fitness level. We will then create a tailored plan that is not only results driven but consists of alternative ideas for every exercise. So no matter how busy the gym is, you are equipped to complete your workout.

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Using up to date techniques, technologies, and incorporating music into what we do, we aim to inspire you in each and every session. We have developed our own techniques that target multiple muscle groups within each exercise giving you a full body workout.

We aim to inspire you in each and every session

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We understand that life is always changing and through regular support and reviews we adapt our training plans so that whatever happens you can get back on track and break away from old behaviour patterns and form new habits.

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Our training is interactive and fun, we will be your partner as well as your coach, you’re no longer alone, it’s a team effort.

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Google Reviews

Dave is by far the best PT I’ve had! I’ve used a number of PT’s based in the City and further afield, but since lockdown I wanted one more local and after discovering 12reps and Dave I really can’t see myself looking for another PT!

Dave is very knowledgable, works around you and understands your goals but above all makes the sessions so fun!! PT sessions used to be a chore but now it’s something I look forward to and with access to a private 1-1 gym, I feel safe knowing I’m in a secure environment (and the added bonus of not having to wait for equipment!)

If you’re looking for a PT then I would confidently say you don’t need to look any further and Dave comes with my highest recommendation!


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North London & Hertfordshire

We are based in Elstree & Borehamwood, we operate in local parks, do home visits and own a bespoke personal training private gym.

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